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About The S. Kollection

The S. Kollection, LLC launched November 2020 by Owner, Michelle from the beautiful state of South Carolina. The S. Kollection was created with the mindset of helping women to believe more in themselves. Jewelry and Accessories is one of the many things that can make us feel and believe we’re beautiful but it's bigger than just wearing the jewelry and accessories. How does it make you feel?  The S. Kollection stands firm on encouraging all women to realize beauty comes from within but the first step is to BELIEVE. If you BELIEVE in yourself the possibilities and opportunities to achieve anything are endless!

So what led to creating The S. Kollection? It was definitely years in the making~ purposeful and destined! 

Believing in yourself again resonates with me as a former military spouse facing many challenges on having job security and finding a career or passion to excel in. You must have perseverance and believe in yourself in those times. 
Accepting that Beauty comes from within resonates after personally dealing with body shaming bullying being called to small, etc. Body shaming shouldn’t be tolerated towards those small or big or of any type of body size ~UNTIL! What I only believed about myself is when the magic began and my inner beauty blossomed.

The first step is to BELIEVE!

Now that you took the first step.....Enjoy shopping The S. Kollection where our mission is for you to BELIEVE your beautiful and believing anything is achievable.

Love & Blessings, Michelle xoxo

 "To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you're not, pretend you are."- Muhammad Ali