The S. Kollection

Hello Beauties! My name is Michelle, Owner & Creator of The S. Kollection, LLC launched November 2020 coming from the capital city of Columbia, South Carolina. Born & raised in Charleston, SC. I am a true bougie, southern gal, a wife of almost 20 years, a mother of two and a healthcare professional.

The S. Kollection was created with the mindset of creating a jewelry brand for women to believe their beautiful. I've always loved beautiful and unique jewelry. Growing up as a child I played in my mother’s jewelry, lipstick and nail polish 24/7. From that moment leading up to now jewelry and accessories is one of the many things I use to express myself. Jewelry makes us look beautiful but it's bigger than just wearing the jewelry and accessories. How does the jewelry make you feel? “Beauty comes from within but the first step is to BELIEVE.” ~Michelle 

So let me break this quote down and explain what  led up to me independently creating my own jewelry and accessories brand The S. Kollection.  

Believing in yourself resonates with me as a former military spouse facing many challenges on having job security and finding a career or passion to excel in. With the frequent moving and relocating you begin to lose a little hope in your career path. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions as a army spouse. I didn’t believe much in myself and feeling pretty was not on my radar at the time! 

Then accepting Beauty comes from within originates from dealing with body shaming bullying being called to small, etc. I hated it growing up! When your genetically petite that’s that! Body shaming shouldn’t be tolerated towards those small or big or of any type of body size.

~UNTIL! What I only believed about myself is when the magic began and my inner beauty blossomed.I stepped out on faith and launched my own jewelry brand. 

The first step is to BELIEVE!

Now that I’ve took the first step it’s time for YOU to ....Enjoy shopping The S. Kollection where our mission is for you to BELIEVE and feel your beautiful in our jewelry, accessories & more! 

Love & Blessings, Michelle xoxo

 "To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you're not, pretend you are."- Muhammad Ali

A Note to Self: *I always at least pretend I’m beautiful :) SMILE ~ you should try it too :)