About The SK


Store Closing Dec. 3rd. Thank you to all those that have supported The S. Kollection over the last 3 years. I greatly appreciate it having the business has taught me so much about entrepreneurship networking, and so forth. I do not take nothing for granted and this opportunity has taught me a lot. Thank you!!! 


Hey Beauties! Welcome to The S. Kollection LLC, your online destination for fashionable, high-quality and affordable jewelry and accessories. 

We take pride in offering you the latest in fashion and one of kind pieces that are of superior quality. No matter the occasion, The SK has a desired style and we've got you covered.

I’m Michelle a southern girl from the east coast and I’ve always considered myself a “fashionista” since birth! The S. Kollection was created in 2020 for women who at one point like me didn’t think they were beautiful. The S. Kollection stands on the premise of BEING YOU and fulfilling fashion needs for women who want to feel confident and need to know that beauty truly comes from within and it's not what’s on the outside! But we can all agree... fashion is one way to express ourselves and does boost our self-esteem. ;)

Anyone can sell jewelry and accessories but at The SK it’s bigger than just wearing the jewelry and accessories. How does it make you feel? 

The first step is to BELIEVE!

Now that I’ve took the first step in believing more in myself by starting this boutique for women it’s time for YOU to believe anything is possible of achieving but you must believe it first.... Enjoy shopping The S. Kollection where our mission is …

”Beauty comes from within but the first step is to BELIEVE.”  ~MICHELLE, Owner & Creator of The SK